For less time and money than an office visit, Dr. Catherine Judkins and Dr. Dawn Koontz will help you:

  • Get up-to-date and scientifically-based parenting strategies to improve your child’s behaviors
  • Gain insight into childhood disorders and the treatment of these disorders
  • Be an informed consumer of mental health services

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Behavioral/Emotional Issues Videos:

With expertise in child development and behavioral disorders, Drs. Judkins and Koontz educate parents on the psychological issues that affect children. The videos on childhood disorders include:

  • Normal stages of child development
  • Definition of the problem
  • Steps included in an evaluation
  • Treatment recommendations supported by research

Recent Behavioral/Emotional Issues Videos

Positive Parenting Videos:

Positive parenting videos review and demonstrate proven parenting techniques and discipline strategies so parents can encourage more positive behavior in their children. With our positive parenting videos, you can:

  • Watch demonstrations
  • Learn scientifically-proven parenting strategies
  • Get quick results
  • Gain confidence

Recent Positive Parenting Videos