Welcome to MyChildPsychologist.com!

It is our great pleasure to introduce you to MyChildPsychologist.com!  As you might imagine, psychologists are not generally tech-savvy people, so this website has been a true labor of love and we hope that you will enjoy all that our site has to offer.

The idea for our site came about as Dr. Cathy and I were consulting on several of our cases.  As we talked, we grappled with the fact that parents and children are very busy these days.  There are single working parents, dual-working parents, families with multiple children with diverse scheduled activities and children who cannot afford to leave school each week for appointments.  For families who live in more rural areas and have to commute to appointments, the time required to attend regular therapy sessions can encompass half a day.  Just making and keeping regular appointments is challenging for many of our families.  For the families that can come to see us weekly, insurance deductibles and co-payments can begin to take a financial toll.  As parents ourselves, we admire our families who prioritize the therapeutic hour for their children.

Even our most devoted families are busy, though.  Despite our good intentions in recommending books, Dr. Cathy and I have found that parents often don’t have time to read entire books in order to ferret out useful parenting and discipline techniques.  One parent even remarked, “Just tell me what will work in 20-minutes or less.”

And so, MyChildPsychologist.com was born.  For less time than it takes to make an appointment or read a book and for less money than a typical family would pay for a co-pay, busy parents can find the information and parenting techniques they are seeking in one easily accessible spot.  As a bonus, parents get two child psychologists, for less than the price of one!  Additionally, parents can watch our videos on their smart phones anywhere…while waiting in the carpool line at school, in the Dr.’s office, on their lunch break, or at soccer practice.  Sometimes, parents just want to know if their child’s behavior is normal or if it is worthwhile to schedule an appointment with a child psychologist.  At MyChildPsychologist.com, we also hope to provide parents with the valuable information they need to become informed consumers of mental health care for their children.  The information we provide will always be backed by the latest research findings regarding evidence-based treatment and parenting techniques. We also have a fabulous resource page, so be sure to check out those links for even more information.

We encourage you to click around on our site to get to know us.  If you have a little time, maybe even watch one of our free videos.  As always, we appreciate your feedback.  If there are topics you’d like to see, fill out the “Suggest a Topic” area on the bottom of the homepage.  We look forward to hearing from you!