Feeding Issues in Infants & Children

This video reviews normal vs. abnormal childhood feeding patterns from infancy through childhood. Dr. Judkins offers specific definitions of feeding problems in children and identifies groups of children at-risk for developing feeding problems. Specific guidelines are given to help parents decide if it is time for them to seek treatment for their child. Finally, treatment techniques are highlighted that have been shown to be effective in treating feeding problems in children. (15:33)

This video will answer the following questions:

  1. What is normal feeding behavior in infants, toddlers, & children?
  2. Is it time for me to seek services for my child’s eating issues?
  3. When should I be really concerned that my child’s eating habits or problems will not change?

Recommended audience:

This video is designed to help educate parents who are trying to decide whether their child’s eating habits are enough of a concern that they should seek consultation with a healthcare provider.