behavioral issues

Behavioral Issues

The video library on childhood disorders has topics on common childhood behavioral and emotional issues. Each video covers normal vs. abnormal behavior, behaviors that warrant a diagnosis, the steps included in an evaluation, and treatment recommendations supported by research.

Behavioral Issues Videos

Feeding Issues in Infants & Children

This video is designed to help educate parents who are trying to decide whether their child’s eating habits are enough of a concern that they should seek consultation with a healthcare provider. (15:33)

ADD and ADHD – Diagnosis and Treatment

The content of this video is appropriate for parents who are trying to familiarize themselves with the evaluation and diagnostic procedures for ADHD and ADD. (17:21)

Childhood Anxiety 101: Part 1

The information in this video is recommended for parents who may suspect that their child has an anxiety disorder or for parents who wonder what fears are developmentally “normal”. (26:18)