positive parenting

Positive Parenting

Welcome to our video library that focuses on positive parenting techniques and discipline strategies. Each video will equip parents with the confidence and skills necessary to encourage more positive behavior in their children.

Positive Parenting Videos

Chores: Ideas, Motivation, & Allowance

Dr. Judkins offers guidelines on the age to begin chores, suggestions for age-appropriate chores, and whether to pay children for chores. (16:16)

Effective Study Strategies

This video offers specific study strategies that help children commit information to long-term memory so they improve their academic performance. (13:21)

How to Motivate Your Child to Do Homework, Successfully

This video is for anyone who is trying to teach their children good homework habits. It is also appropriate for parents of older children and adolescents who need a refresher course in good homework habits. (17:34)

Getting Your Child to Listen and Follow Directions

The suggestions in this video work with children from 2- to 17-years-old. However, you will need to tailor the loss of privileges to fit your child’s age. The recommended techniques are easy to use for parents in almost any situation. (12:16)

Improve Your Child’s Eating and Behavior at Meals

Feeding problems can be a top concern of parents and other caregivers. Dr. Judkins will provide you with suggestions to help improve children’s eating by getting them to eat a wider variety and quantity of food, while also offering techniques to improve behavior at meals and snacks.

Time Out

The suggestions in this video are appropriate for use by parents of children ages 1 to 6. Time-outs are an effective discipline strategy for almost all children, even those with developmental delays. If you follow these recommended strategies diligently and they are still not effective in producing a satisfactory time-out, please consult with a clinical child psychologist in your area. (20:7)