Social Media Policy, LLC.
This document updated June 1, 2011.

Accessing information on (“Site”) does not constitute a therapist-patient relationship.
Dr. Dawn Koontz and Dr. Catherine Judkins are clinical child psychologists. Both Dr. Koontz and Dr. Judking have their separate private practices in St. Louis County, Missouri. Their private practice patients (who are children and adolescents) are generally computer-savvy. In part, this policy has been developed and implemented to protect their patients’ privacy and confidentiality as Drs. Koontz and Judkins are aware that their patients from their separate private practices may engage them on this Site. This policy is an effort to prohibit any patient, current or former, from unknowingly compromising their confidentiality. Accordingly, the following policies were developed in light of the above issue(s).

Twitter tweets on relevant issues to child psychology. Anyone is welcome to follow this Site on Twitter. If you “tweet” this Site you should presume your “tweets” will be public, will not be confidential and will be read by your followers and this Site’s followers. Thus, there is no confidentiality using Twitter.

If you are a current or former patient of either Drs. Koontz or Judkins and you attempt to engage them via Twitter:

1. You should never attempt to engage them via Twitter through the use of @ messages. Your tweets will be public and are not confidential.

2. Your therapist-patient relationship is no longer confidential; your tweets will become part of your medical records; and any statements made by you to your therapist will no longer be confidential. In the event of litigation, your therapist can be called to testify about your assessment, counseling, therapy, diagnosis, and/or treatment.

If Drs. Koontz or Judkins recognize your Twitter username they will not respond. It is not their responsibility to recognize your Twitter username, however, and you are ultimately responsible for any breach of confidentiality if you send “tweets” on Twitter.  Because you have no therapist-patient relationship when using Twitter, you have no confidentiality with any therapist.

Facebook posts updates and relevant issues on children and families on our Facebook page. MyChildPsychologist’s comments are the only comments you will see on the “wall”. No other comments are accepted on the “wall”.

MyChildPsychologist will not respond to direct messages on our Facebook page other than general comments. Any messages sent containing personal information or a request for advice will not be answered.

Although messages containing personal information or request for advice will not be answered, use of the internet to convey same may cause such information to go to third parties not intended by you. As a result, you must not expect any confidentiality should you attempt to communicate via this forum. Because you have no therapist-patient relationship when using Facebook, you have no confidentiality with any therapist.

Articles contains original articles on its website. This website is specifically set up to not accept comments from readers. While readership is very important, this safeguard is in place to protect the confidentiality of current and former patients of Drs. Koontz or Judkins as they may unknowingly jeopardize their confidentiality if this website accepts comments on articles.

Waiver and Limitation of Liability

The user of hereby releases and forever discharges any and all claims it may have against this Site, Dr. Dawn Koontz and Dr. Catherine Judkins, and other psychologists contributing to this Site, etc for disclosure of confidential information as a result of the user’s actions.